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New York’s health care delivery system is in the midst of a monumental change. As policy-makers, health care leaders, and other stakeholders across the nation work to transform the delivery of care, New York is among a small group of states that are leading the way with an ambitious initiative aimed at integrating health and human services. In some ways, these two sectors are strangers living next door—working in close proximity but unaware of the details of each other’s lives. Both have a direct impact on population health and well-being, but in most cases, these systems work separately. Central to New York’s reform effort is the unification of these two sectors in a more comprehensive framework that addresses the complex and myriad factors affecting population health.

Compelled by the growing body of research on the impact of social factors on health—and with support in new federal policies—the State is working towards a value-based payment (VBP) structure for health services. This new structure will reward positive outcomes, or value, rather than volume of services provided. A critical element of this transition is the integration of health and human services. In order to achieve the State’s “Triple Aim” of better care, better outcomes, and lower cost, State agencies have begun to leverage the expertise of community-based organizations to address social determinants of health as part of a comprehensive, person-centered health care model. This report examines the challenges to effective integration of health and human services and lays out a proposed blueprint for pursuit of the Triple Aim.


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